The Studio is much more than art gallery. Lynne Baron, co-owner of Carriage Hill Farm is recognized throughout northwest Washington for her talents in event design and home decor and accessorizing. She is the creative talent behind many of the most successful charity events in the region, particularly for Whatcom Hospice and PeaceHealth. In the Studio she shares and offers a number of her unique finds--some vintage, some just wonderful discoveries. From consignment stores in the Palm Springs area, to the famous Rose Bowl flea market, to "picking" in farms and antique stores around the northwest, her eye identifies the uniquely beautiful items. 

In addition to Lynne's unique finds, the Studio also features a curated collection of artisan crafts. These include Ben Bender of Old Door Company with his nostalgic and useful old door furnishings including cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets and more. Erik Holgate is the creative craftsman behind the lighted wall decor from antique wood letters to animal or tree shapes. He'll custom design and create one of the these conversation pieces to meet your space.

Watch for more unique and beautiful artisan crafted decor items.