Reinvention, reinvigoration

The summer of 2016 is a bit of a turning point. Many questions about life, purpose, spending time, focus and all those things tend to come up as one faces Medicare and Social Security age. Somehow, it always seems to happen to someone else, until it happens to you.

One of those questions was this place, this marvelously special place. They are resolved for now as we re-open the Studio with renewed enthusiasm. This is driven in part by the decision to open the doors to the Cottage more widely through Airbnb. Getting some bookings is exciting and means, golly gee, where better get that Studio in shape. And the yard, and the gardens. And the paintings have gotten a bit scattered at a couple of different showings, so we better refresh that inventory as well.

All of it gives purpose and renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the gift this place is and our desire to share it with others. Blessed to be a blessing, that is what we work for and trust will happen. We hope you will come and share that blessing with us.


April Studio Opening & Artist's Reception

The Studio will be open the two middle weekends of April 2014--just in time for what should be the peak of the wonderful Skagit Tulip Festival. Hours will be from 11 am to 4 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 11, 12, 13 and 18, 19, 20. Of course, we are also open by appointment so if you can't make one of those times, be sure to call or email us for a time that works for you.

We recently returned from California with a small SUV loaded with some wonderful new vintage and unique finds. You can get an idea of some of these with this new video featuring Lynne's collection. Lynne's Vintage Finds video.

We're also very excited to present two artists new to the Studio: Niel Pfundt and Christina Arthur.

Niel (yes, that is correct spelling) is a longtime friend, former art teacher in Anacortes and is now retired from his commercial fishing career. He and his wife Dianne live in Bellingham and spend much of their time taking friends out on their wonderfully restored wood boat "Rosy." But Niel has recently picked up his paint brush again and will offer several new paintings in this show. His interest in nautical themes drawn from the local landscape will definitely be on display.

Christina Arthur grew up in Mount Vernon, joined the Army where she flew Blackhawk helicopters, lived in Texas and now lives near Olympia. As busy wife and mom, she has been squeezing some painting time in the last little while and we are so pleased to be able to offer her amazing paintings. While not quite sticking with our theme of northwest landscape painting, her southwest landscape influence comes through strongly in the two large paintings we will have available. You're sure to enjoy her rich colors and incredible detail as well as the unique subject matter.

I've been painting as well and have several new paintings featuring northwest landscapes to offer. Spending a good deal of time in the desert has been an interesting experience in seeing how light, color, atmosphere as well as the unique mountains and desert landscape affects my artistic sensibility and style. 

We're really looking forward to seeing you at this year's Tulip Festival Studio opening. Help spread the word. You can do so simply by going to and "liking" us.

Painting Demonstration--a first try

I love painting, as you know. Even more I love helping others paint, especially those who say "I always wanted to paint but I can't draw my way out of a paper bag" or some such thing. I happen to believe that anyone can paint. Doesn't mean everyone is going to be the next DaVinci or even Picasso, but I think I can help find a way for people to use paint, brushes and canvas to create work that will give them deep aesthetic pleasure.

I started with a quick painting demonstration. The scene is from the lovely country club in Palm Desert where we sometimes enjoy the sunshine. Have a look and let me know what you think.

You can find the painting video on this site under Services, Art Instruction.

And, if you are interested in a painting class, let me know as I'd love to get some set up at Carriage Hill Farm starting in April.

A New Year

I write this as 2013 is misting into the distance. And 2014 is hinting at new beginnings. We look to the new year with excitement and enthusiasm seldom experienced at the dawn of earlier years. Carriage Hill Farm and the promise of what can happen here is the primary reason.

We had such joy in the opening we had for two weekends in December. The turnout was amazing and we were so grateful that what we had on offer seemed so appreciated by our guests and visitors. Now our minds are spinning with new possibilities and new friends. We met so many wonderful neighbors and struck up some fruitful and sweet partnerships, such as the with the ladies from Sweeties, the tiny but quickly growing candy shop on Chuckanut Drive. Make sure you stop by and say hi to Sheila and Mary.

The art studio has never been so busy, working to fulfill some orders and commissions coming out of the Studio opening. But I can't wait to get at new projects and ideas.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to be notified of upcoming Carriage Hill Farm and Studio events.