Reinvention, reinvigoration

The summer of 2016 is a bit of a turning point. Many questions about life, purpose, spending time, focus and all those things tend to come up as one faces Medicare and Social Security age. Somehow, it always seems to happen to someone else, until it happens to you.

One of those questions was this place, this marvelously special place. They are resolved for now as we re-open the Studio with renewed enthusiasm. This is driven in part by the decision to open the doors to the Cottage more widely through Airbnb. Getting some bookings is exciting and means, golly gee, where better get that Studio in shape. And the yard, and the gardens. And the paintings have gotten a bit scattered at a couple of different showings, so we better refresh that inventory as well.

All of it gives purpose and renewed excitement and enthusiasm for the gift this place is and our desire to share it with others. Blessed to be a blessing, that is what we work for and trust will happen. We hope you will come and share that blessing with us.