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Local Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

There are many eateries within just a few minutes of the B & B ranging from high on the funky list to very fine dining.  This list is sort of by distance from the B & B.  We have also included the direction.  These are some of our favorites and favorites all for different reasons.  Opinions expressed are ours and some of our guests.

Please note that Edison is actually in Bow, it's a Post Office thing and doesn't make sense to us either

If we missed your establishment just invite us over...

The Corner Pub isNorth at 14565 Allen West Rd, Bow, WA 98232

The Corner Pub is the closest place for food and drink.  You could even walk there if you want to.  They have Beer and a full bar.  A very local establishment with lots of regulars. Good bar food but better breakfasts.   Live music some nights.


The Old Edison (Inn) is North at 5829 Cains Court, Edison, WA 98232

The old Edison has some of the best fried oysters around.  They have beer and a full bar along with some house infused spirits.  There are two shuffleboard tables, an outdoor patio, and live music (almost) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Slough Food is North at 5766 Cains Court, Edison, WA 98232

If you are looking for a bottle of wine and don't want to drive into town this is the closest place to go and they have a good selection too.  You can buy a glass before you buy the bottle most of the time.  I'd call Slough Food more of a deli than a restaurant.   It's a great place to pick up picnic food or food to bring back to the B & B and eat in the garden or on the deck.

Mariposa Taqueria is North at 14003 Gilmore Ave, Edison, WA 98232

Mariposa offers good Mexican food.  Don't go here expecting chain restaurant melted cheese and beans with red sauce Mexican food.  Their food is fresh and unique.  I'm not exactly how to describe it but Taco Bell it's not.  Again, very fresh, no canned sauce here.

Tweets is North at 5800 Cains Court, Edison, WA 98232

This is the closest place for Coffee.  Lots of Breakfast food.

​​Longhorn Saloon is North at 5754 Cains Ct., Edison, WA 98232

The longhorn Saloon is more of a tavern than restaurant.  It's a 21 and over kind of place.  The food is more tavernish than restaurantish. (if those are words)   They have an outdoor patio like everyplace in Edison.

The Rhody (Rhododendron Cafe) is NorthEast at 5521 Chuckanut Dr, Bow, WA 98232

Definately not tavern food.  This is the closest real restaurant per se.  Good food but more expensive than tavern food.

Chuckanut Manor is North at  3056 Chuckanut Drive, Bow, WA — 98232 

Make reservations in the summer!  This is our favorite.  White tablecloths and everything you expect but still reasonably priced.

Taylor Shellfish Farms is at 2182 Chuckanut Dr, Bow, WA 98232

What started as a place to buy fresh seafood now a place to eat seafood.  They offer fresh oysters, as in alive minutes before they are BBQed and other seafood along with beer and wine.  It can get crowded on a nice day in the summer.

The Oyster Bar is North at 2578 Chuckanut Drive, Bow, WA 98232

This is what we have for "fine dining" in the greater Bow Metropolitan Area.  The views can't be beat for inside dining with white tablecloths.  This is the most expensive restaurant close by.

Trainwreck is East at 427 E Fairhaven Ave, Burlington, WA 98233

If you are up for a drive into Burlington this is our favorite place.  21 and over.  No reservations, always crowded.  Avoid Trainwreck during earthquakes as the URM building may fall down on you, but at least you will die happy.

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