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Visiting Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a bustling riverfront town, the county seat and home of the internationally fameous tulip festival. Amazing vistas of farmland, mountains. and river valleys await you in Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon is a charming mix of historic riverfront town, a bustling community, and the promice of outdoor adventure. 

Whether you enjoy boutique shopping and fine dining or kayaking, biking, and hiking, Mount Vernon is a great place to visit.  Enjoy a trip through one of many working family farms or photograph some great watchable wildlife.  Mount Vernon boasts a number of city parks, cultural and historic experiences, and festivals throughout the year.  Mount Vernon hosts the world famous Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each April, as well as the Skagit Highland Games in July, The Bite of Skagit in August, The Skagit County Fair in September, The Harvest moon Festival in October, and the Festival of Family Farms in November.  It also hosts the Shakespeare Festival and many more.

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