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Turn Out Pasture

Let it be known that we know nothing about horses, however traveling I-5 between Portland and Anacortes I determined that there was a need for a turnout pasture for those moving or traveling with horses.  Our plan for the future is to re-open the upper gate on Farm to Market Road so our driveway becomes circular for those traveling with a horse trailer.   We also plan to add a trailer plug in when we have some electrical work done while installing our solar panels.  For now it's just a pasture that makes a great place to exercise horses.  We have a water trough and a feed box and that's about it.  There is an electric fence and a small and I mean small stable with a pen.  Please contact me by phone on 503-960-0089 to inquire about the pasture.  For now if you book the B and B thru airbnb the use of the pasture is free.

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