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Visiting Concrete

If you are looking for a place to get away from it all there is no better destination than Concrete in eastern Skagit County.  Surrounded by tall timber, rushing rivers, and soaring eagles, this history-filledtown is definitely a hard place to forget.

The earliest settlers came to the area in 1890, followed shortly thereafter by two cement plants and that gave the town it's name.  The still standing cement plant silos and other historic landmarks including the Henry Thompson Bridge, the Lower Baker Dam, and the Concrete High School, the center of which was built over the road leading to it, continually attracts visitors.  The town is home to the Concrete Heritage Museum and the oldest theater in Skagit county as well as the Sockeye Express, a motorized trolley that tours visitors and locals alike through town in the summer.   

In recent years the town has begun to flourish, with new residents and businesses being drawn by the incredible scenery and recreational opportunities, including fishing, hiking, snowmobiling and more.  The slower pace and friendly small town atmosphere for those raising a family, and business owners enjoy the advantages of knowing their customers.

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